Wasting your precious time in traffic jams every day? Get access to fast carpool lane & get paid to carpool people to fun local public events! Always know where are you going (not like with those other services). Drive part-time, couple hours a day.


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Save time, money, gas and hassle of driving while helping environment and having fun! Ride with We Carpool to fun local public events like sports games, concerts, business mixers, conferences and meetups. We Carpool Rides are always round-trip and the driver goes with you to the event.

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Our guarantee

Ride home guarantee! In case of emergency if you get stranded using our carpool service, We Carpool guarantees you ride home! Safety and great customer experience is our main priority. We will do our best to get you home. In case of emergency always call 911 first.

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They were raised differently… the elite group of people who seemed to defy the laws of physics by moving faster through space and time than the rest of us. There are carpoolers among us! They are the heroes who care about our planet Earth. Download We Carpool App now to become a hero! The only FREE app you'll need for all your rideshare to public events. Huge variety of public events to choose from, create & manage carpool rides and invite friends. Easy Facebook connect for login.

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